Gay and Lesbian Counselors In Washington DC

The First Step Toward Something New…

Are you thinking about whether to talk to a counselor? It can be a daunting task to find the right person you can trust. Where do you start?

Consider that many people find psychotherapy to be most helpful when it is supportive, collaborative, and focused. Our professional, certified counselors are available to help you decide if we can help you reach your personal goals in psychotherapy or couples counseling.

More than Therapy, & More than Gay-Friendly

We do more than just couples therapy. In fact, we’ve found that providing outstanding couples counseling uniquely prepares us to offer a wide range of services for individuals. We’ve learned that, to do very good couples counseling, one must be expert at helping many individual mental health issues. So our counseling is more than just couples therapy.

We have a unique specialty focus on GLBTQI issues. Be “gay-friendly” when dealing with the life-changing influence of regular psychotherapy. We know that to identify as gay, straight, lesbian, bi, trans, queer, or intersex is a complex matter. It can’t be reduced to a few books or a weekend sensitivity training course. This is why our counselors are deeply committed to understanding and identifying with those issues that you are living with day in and day out.

We specialize in professional help in these key areas:

~Relationship counseling

~Getting out of abusive relationships



~Drug Addiction and alcohol abuse

~Transgender counseling & gender identity

~Coming out

~Sexual identity

~Mixed orientation marriage/relationship

~Monogamy/non-monogamy issues

~Sexual addiction

All relationships aren’t the same.  While same-sex couples have many of the same challenges as heterosexual couples, they also face additional outside pressures due to homophobia that create conflict within the relationship. These issues include: family acceptance, different levels of comfort with being “out” and religious/cultural expectations.

Whether you’re starting it for the first time or you’ve been in therapy before, entering into a new counseling relationship is a courageous act. We applaud your step towards healing and self help and welcome your choice to make real, lasting changes in your life. The first step in the counseling process is getting to know each other, and learning about what issues you are facing and what is causing your concerns.  Our counselors learn about you, listen carefully while also asking questions and challenging you to grow and to begin the process of working through emotional issues and blockages.


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Professional Gay and Lesbian Counselors In Washington DC