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DC gay counseling

Why “Gay-Friendly” Isn’t Enough

When it comes to finding the right counselor, it’s not enough to just be “gay friendly.” Certain professionals are clinically equipped to help, but may struggle with deeply ingrained or inherited feelings that homosexual, intersex and transgender individuals are sinful, immoral, “fixable” or even suffering from a mental illness. It’s important that your counselor has experience as gay-informed, which comes from a combination of GLBTQI studies and personal experience.

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Many counselors acknowledge their prejudices and refer LGBTQI clients to other professionals which can be awkward and uncomfortable for the you. Others strive to remain professional but their judgment may be clouded by personal feelings and prejudices that may go unnoticed. To avoid either outcome, clients look for DC gay counseling because they want to know that their counselor not only understands but empathizes with their issues.

“I’m Not Here Just to Talk About My Orientation”

Another benefit of our DC gay counseling is finding a counselor who understands that sexual orientation is not at the forefront of every issue. Counselors who are not part of the DC gay counseling community often overemphasize sexual orientation much like empathetic friends and family members might.

When you search for counseling, you are searching for a therapist that understands all dimensions of you. Our services are a safe, secure space where you are free to discuss your issues. And many find that making the switch to gay counseling makes a significant difference in the quality and comfort of their therapy sessions.

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