Sex Therapy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can help you address a variety of sex and intimacy problems.

However, many people are hesitant to see a therapist because of embarrassment or a lack of understanding about how it can be helpful.

What do you actually do in sex therapy?

Sex therapy involves talking to a psychotherapist who has expertise in sexuality. Psychotherapists don’t touch you or perform any sexual acts. Instead, you may discuss sexual problems and learn about strategies to address those problems.

What if I’m embarrassed to talk about certain things?

Talking to a complete stranger about intimate issues can feel embarrassing. However, many people are surprised to see how quickly they grow comfortable talking about sexual matters after meeting with their therapist. Your psychotherapist will take steps to help you feel more comfortable addressing difficult subjects, but you’ll never be forced to talk about anything that you don’t want to address.

What will the therapist think of me?

Psychotherapists have experience talking about a wide variety of sexual topics ranging from fetishes to sexual addictions. Other common topics include pornography, infidelity, and low sexual desire. Your psychotherapist will be able to talk about such issues in a professional, scientific manner without judgment.

What type of homework will there be?

Homework assignments depend on your needs. A couple experiencing an unsatisfactory sex life may be given tasks, such as engaging in foreplay to help stimulate sexual desire. A couple struggling with premature ejaculation may be given instructions on how to delay ejaculation.

All homework assignments will be agreed upon by you and your therapist. Assignments are performed by couples in the privacy of your home. Each week the psychotherapist will discuss any problems or successes with the homework assignments and new assignments may be given.