FAQs About Our DC Counseling

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What should I expect to happen in our first session?

We have an informal and short assessment process in our DC counseling offices. Our counselors will be conducting an assessment with you sometimes on the phone before meeting, and that process continues into the first few sessions. Usually during the first session, your counselor will let you know about how he or she will be able to help and offer a basic overview of where to get started. We will ask you some questions but you can expect that we will do a lot of listening and clarifying.

How should I prepare for psychotherapy?

Sometimes it helps to have clear what you want the most help with and be ready to share details about that. Other times, part of the struggle is not knowing how to articulate what the problem is. Our counselors are trained to help clarify and will ask helpful questions to help you both distinguish what is most important to focus on. You can also ask yourself what things you want to ask your counselor that will help you relax and open up about the issue you want help with. Would it help to know what kinds of similar issues the counselor has addressed? Ask about that. Would you like to know what kind of outcomes sometimes come from talk therapy with your issue? Ask about that too.

What makes the biggest difference in achieving a positive outcome to counseling?

There is a lot of research that strongly suggests that it is clients who feel a strong connection to their therapist benefit the most. If you notice mixed feelings about your therapy sessions or feel uncertain about your therapist, try to put a finger on what that is. Our therapists welcome