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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Work on Your Sex Life

Has your bedroom become the bored-room? Do you like fire and have a partner that plays it cool? You’re not alone. Sex is one of the most frequent issues that we hear about when partners talk to us.

Research tells us that couples who develop skills to handle sexual differences stave off painful breakups and stand a better chance forging a lasting, passionate relationship. Not sure if counseling is right for you? Read our sex therapy FAQs

Your brain has powerful chemical messengers responsible for bonding partners during and after sexual and non-sexual physical touch. We also know that if you have an unsatisfying sex life it tends to disproportionately tilt your attitude toward the relationship into troubled waters. On the other hand, a mature relationship balances many factors affecting satisfaction, not just what’s between the sheets.

Don’t wait to take action if you know that you or your partner feel disconnected about sex or if you have issues of infidelity that affect the relationship.

Little Changes, Big Difference

Our highly trained sex therapists know that improving intimacy in your relationship is often done through steady but simple changes. Many sexual issues can be addressed without a major overhaul of mechanics or painful trial and error. Let our steady guidance help you over the bumps you’re going through right now.

Don’t Wait to Take Action

You may want to consider a consultation with one of our counselors to help your sexual relationship if:

  • You want to protect yourself from the harm caused by a sexual disconnection
  • You have sex less than twice per month (clinically considered a sexless relationship) and you want to change this.
  • You want to have a more sexually compatible relationship
  • You or your partner have low desire
  • You or your partner are high desire and relationship boundaries are a concern
  • You find it difficult to assert yourself sexually
  • You have concerns about sexual addiction
  • You think you are good companions but want to also become better erotic partners
  • You think you are good erotic partners but also want to become better companions
  • You are critical of your partner’s sexuality and blame him/her for your sexual disconnection
  • You want to clarify your boundaries about monogamy/non-monogamy or mixed-orientation relationships

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