Patti Renko

Patti Renko

Patti Renko is a passionate, dynamic, culturally sensitive, LGBTQ+ allied individual psychotherapist, sex therapist, and couples therapist. She specializes in treating adult individual clients who are struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar and related disorders, emotional regulation, acute stress, sexual dysfunction, desire and intimacy issues, life transitions, and difficulties in relationships and dating. Patti successfully treats both individuals and partners in her sex therapy work with clients; and her couples therapy approach promotes strengths, decreases emotional avoidance, modifies dysfunctional behavior, improves communication, and changes the view of the relationship.

Patti is dedicated clinician with many years of experience providing exceptional care to older adolescents and adults through the integration of complimentary treatment modalities tailored to meet her clients needs. She is able to offer abundant support using her knowledge of a wide range of mental health care and education resources, including the inpatient psychiatric referral & admission process.

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