Terri Pargot

Terri Pargot

Terri Pargot, D.O.

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist for Individuals and Marriage/Couples

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Call Dr. Pargot directly at 202-629-1949 ext. 8

Terri Pargot, D.O. is a Psychiatrist (doctor of osteopathy) who has been treating patients for over 27 years. Trained as both a psychotherapist and psychopharmacologist, Dr. Pargot (rhymes with target) feels fortunate to be able to treat her patients with a combined approach to their symptoms—often using talk therapy, and medication as an adjunct, when needed. She is experienced treating depression, anxiety and panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), self-esteem, adult ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, PTSD and trauma, body dysmorphism, and eating disorders.

In addition to providing individual treatment, Dr. Pargot is a skilled couples therapist that treats relationship issues.

Couples seeking relationship therapy will benefit from Dr. Pargot’s ability to help you gain insight from your past family and relationship history to increase connection with your partner and improve communication skills. Her treatment orientation is a combination of insight-based (cognitive) and emotion-based (learning emotional awareness and acceptance of your body’s full range of sensations).

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I am Board Certified by the American Osteopathic Association and received my medical degree from Des Moines University. I’ve practised medicine in hospital and outpatient settings in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Montana, before settling here in Bethesda.

Many of my patients seek treatment when they are in emotional pain, struggling with work or school or relationship issues. Often they feel their distress has become unbearable and wonder how long it might be before they can feel some relief. I’m very active in our sessions to review your history, learn from you about your symptoms, and offer clear guidance and support to meet goals.

I share a healthy scepticism about prescribing