DC Transgender Specialist

Meeting with a counselor who specializes in GLBQTI issues means you’ll receive treatment from someone who understands the issues you’re likely facing as a transgender person. A counselor who specializes in working with gender identity will provide you with support, tools and information to effectively address the issues you’re facing.

Call and make an appointment with one of our transgender counseling specialists, Samuel Allen (Phd candidate), or Dr. Monique Walker.

Common Issues in Transgender Treatment

Despite some gains in societal acceptance for transgender people, discrimination is still a big problem. Many transgender people seek treatment due to the discrimination they receive from employers, landlords, or friends and family.

Distress is another big reason that leads to transgender people seeking help. Fear, shame, depression, and anxiety can certainly result when people feel like they were born in the wrong body.

Treatment for Transgender Issues

When you meet with a psychotherapist who has expertise in transgender issues, you’ll receive support for your choices. The therapist won’t try to change you or pressure you to be different.

Instead, treatment will consist of addressing the issues you face as a transgender person. A therapist can off you guidance and suggestions about how to address those issues based on their knowledge and experience.

Your therapist can work with you at any point along your journey. Whether you are considering a gender transition or not, meeting with a qualified therapist can help you review your options.

Treatment often consists of being linked to other sources of support. Often, it is a great relief to connect with other transgender people.

Your treatment will depend on your specific needs. You’ll work together with your therapist to identify your goals and your therapist will help you reach those goals.