Washington DC Anger Regulation Counseling

Do you feel that you are often angry or easily irritated? Do these feelings disrupt your life?

Feelings of anger are completely natural in many situations. However, if you feel angry often, or get upset quickly with little to no instigation, or if you react strongly to incidents such as small disagreements, traffic, or other daily triggers, you may benefit from speaking to our Washington DC therapists about dealing with your anger in a more healthy way. Bad days and stressful, aggravating situations are a part of life.

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Signs that you may suffer from anger issues:

  • Do you get angry often?
  • Do you hold onto feelings of anger from long periods of time?
  • Are you allowing your feelings of anger to control you?
  • Do you get angry about anything?
  • How intense is your anger?
  • Does your anger lead to physical or emotional aggression?

So what if I get angry, why’s the big deal about that?

Anger and the mismanagement of anger can affect your life in many ways. Those who deal with anger management issues are more likely to hurt their careers, those close to them and even themselves. Built-up and quickly set-off anger problems may lead to confrontations at the workplace, home, or in social events where negative consequences may be severe. Consequences may include loss of job, marital strain and broken relationships with friends, family and colleagues. Those suffering from anger issues are also more likely to be involved in violent incidents, possibly harming/injuring themselves or other individuals.

Why do some people suffer from anger management issues?

There are many reasons an individual may have difficult managing their anger. Among these reasons are:

  • Witnessing poor anger management
  • Prior abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poorly managed stress
  • Low frustration tolerance
  • Lack of sleep
  • Suppressing emotions

Learning to cope with anger may help dramatically improve your quality of life

Anger issues affect many aspects of the sufferer’s life, such as work, family and social relations, mood and physical health. Our Washington DC Anger Issue Counseling experts provide talk-therapy, an incredibly important aspect of therapy that will give you the tools to achieve a healthy emotional state. While our counselors do not prescribe medications, they would be glad to talk to you about working with a psychiatrist or your physician regarding medication management.

Our Washington DC Depression Counseling staff is also here to help if you are looking to improve:

Follow our lead as we take you on a journey away from the downward spiral of anger to the feelings of liberty in a well-adjusted life. Your anger need not get the best of you anymore; learn ways to identify and transform the issues that make you angry.

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